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Bohemian style
21 June

With this style you can do anything, choose furniture that is nice and busy and bright colors. Go over the

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how to pimp your balcony?
8 June

Summer is coming and everyone is having a nice barbecue in the garden or on their balcony. How nice if you

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Vintage items in the interior
6 May

Vintage in the interior. Something I find super gaaaff. You see more and more people using old furniture in the

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How do you ensure a warm welcome and a neat hallway?
4 May

Many people have children in the house from young to old. Then you probably know what a mess there can

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Art in your interior
28 April

Art gives the opportunity to make your interior more personal by expressing your feelings and showing character. Actually, art can

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The feelings that colors give.
28 April

The feelings that colors give. Color is not only something we see but also something that contributes to how we

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26 April

King’s Day is just around the corner! One of the nicest celebrations of the year in my opinion. This year

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Can you mix styles or is that a no go?
15 April

As far as we are concerned. If you like multiple cultures, colors and materials why would you stick to 1

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