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An interior is something personal. Every person is different and has different wishes, just like their interior. When designing you have to deal with this, by being flexible we can design an interior that suits you. By communicating and listening well, we can translate your wishes into a design. We design an interior for you that suits you and is made for you by including your wishes in the design. We design interiors that both look good and work well, because an interior should be a pleasant living environment.

Interior design may include the most personal side of architecture, since you experience a building the most from the inside when you use it. According to Studio Flex, the ultimate user of a realized interior project must therefore be actively included in the design phase in order to achieve the best result together. This is the only way to create living environments that can be used pleasantly and can be experienced through use.


Before we start designing your new interior, we first start together with an informal exploratory meeting in which we discuss the wishes for the new interior. We prefer to do this at your home, so that we immediately have an idea of the space.


After we have discussed the wishes for the new interior together and we have gotten a good idea of the space, we can start designing an interior that suits you. Based on the wishes, we make a design plan together. We make a mood board, presentations and impressions to give the best possible picture of how the new space can be. We discuss this design together, after which we perfect the design and finalize the design.


After we have finalized the design, we can start implementing the design. We guarantee the quality of the design and ensure that everything runs smoothly. When the implementation of the design is ready, we will go through everything with you!

We as Studio Flex are committed to designing a personal interior that suits you as a person. Every person is different, just like every project. By being flexible, we can adapt to design an interior that suits you. Together we design an interior that incorporates your wishes and we come up with advice and new insights to achieve a beautiful and functional interior. For us, it’s not just about the result, but also about the process. We believe communication is important and there is good communication in order to achieve a suitable result together.

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